It has been a good experience that Jarvis Pediatric Therapy took the time and hours to teach my son. He loved going to therapy. I appreciate the time they took to get him ready for the next step in life, which will help him move forward. Once again, there is not really a good word other than Thank You for all the work and time you spent with my son. I recommend Jarvis to ALL parents that are looking for OT or PT. We saw great improvement being able to work with Jarvis Pediatric Therapy!~ Bobbiemother of client

My husband and I feel so lucky to have found Jarvis Pediatric Therapy. Before meeting Ms. Wendy, we never thought life would be normal again. Today, after seeing her for three years, our son is a completely different child. She and her staff have been the best thing that has happened to us. The advise they have given coupled with the progress that they have made with Matthew is unbelievable.~ Lisamother of client

My son is treated with respect He is a person, not a diagnosis All progress, not matter how small, is celebrated with praise They are willing to write letters to doctors and schools They love what they do They explain everything they do, why it is being done and how it will help… ~ Stephaniemother of client

Daniel is not the same little boy that I brought to Wendy many years ago for Modulated Listening…It really isn’t about what he can do that has changed him so much as it is the self confidence that he has gained to be able to deal with situations that he does and does not have control over. The therapists sincerely care about Daniel and strive to help him any way they can to help him be successful.~ Stephaniemother of client

Jarvis Pediatric Therapy has been a life saver for our son and our family. It has addressed needs that we were not even aware he had and, in turn, has made our lives so much better. Our son has emerged from being non-verbal and rather solemn to a talking, laughing (rather ornery) little boy. The therapists are so knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. Not only do they help our son, they help our whole family learn coping skills and truly I don’t know where we’d be without them. I am so thankful to them for what they’ve done for our family. ~ Sherrymother of client

My son was only in OT for 1 year. Luke worked great with him. He would not let my son whine or quit when things got difficult. This is my second son that has been with Jarvis and I would recommend you to anyone. They not only work with the kids, they are genuinely concerned about them. It is truly a group effort. My son saw Mr. Luke, but everyone took the time to get to know him. I am grateful that I found such a great place to help my kids.~ Sandramother of client

I am very please with the progress Arthur has made this year with the help of Jarvis Pediatric Therapy. It has been an enormous benefit for him with his schooling. We are blessed to have had Jarvis Pediatric Therapy help our “Lil” man out. Thank you so much! ~ Cassandramother of client

I am so thankful for the therapists that have invested so much into Elliot and loved her so well! We have watched Elliot absolutely thrive and we have seen a distinct before and after since she started her therapy at Jarvis! She is cracking us up daily with things that she says! We are amazed. Jarvis and specifically the therapists that have worked with Elliot have made an impact on her that will last a lifetime. Forever grateful!~ Hollymother of client