It’s Water Week again!!

It’s water week again!  During the summer months we take the kids outside every other week for fun in the sun.  It’s an excellent way to provide extra sensory input in an enjoyable outside environment.  We complete obstacle courses, play on a slip-n-slide, toss water balloons, and use tongs to pick up animals out of the pool.  This year we added a blow-up water park equipped with sprinklers, climbing wall, basketball goal, soccer/water polo nets, volleyball, and a water slide!  It was a huge hit with the kids and is great for gross motor, eye-hand coordination, and sensory processing!

Obstacle courses are great to do year-round  at home to work on auditory processing and gross motor skills.  You can use just about anything for your steps (hurdles, wheelbarrow walking, log rolling, balance tasks, etc.) so be creative and make it fun!  Next just tell your child which steps to perform and see how many steps they can follow.


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